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We are excited to announce our partnership with Beverly Hills designer Robert Procop. His designs are one a kind pieces, made with only the finest gemstones. As he only makes 200 pieces a year, and no two are the same, each piece can be viewed as a valuable collector's item.

Robert Procop

"His true skill is being one of the best and most knowledgeable diamond and gemstone dealers in the world."

-Forbes Magazine

"There is nothing Procop does not know about rare stones, and he defines their allure."

-IN London Magazine

"Something majestic and truly one of a kind."

-The New York Times

From the Mine to the Collector

"Robert Procop travels to Columbia to personally meet with the miners, venturing into the mines to buy direct, and examining every gemstone before it is purchased."

Color Grading

"The gem undergoes extensive in-house laboratory color testing using eight different light sources. Multifunctional instruments are used to study every gem from initial color grading to clarity."

Philanthropy and Ethical Sourcing

  • Robert and Angelina Jolie give 100% of profits from emerald sales of their collection to school building projects worldwide.

  • The tax from Robert's export of emeralds benefits and maintains the school near the Muzo mine.

  • Over the past 25 years, Robert has used profits from his gemstone collection to build 14 homes for battered women and children through the Los Angeles House of Ruth.   


"After each stone returns from the laboratory from certification, the gem is studied to determine the light, tones of color, brilliance, and shape that forms its unique personality. This personality inspires the initial design and a beginning concept is hand sketched to paper."

Minneapolis Jeweler
Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers
Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers

Yael Designs is founded by the visionary designer Yehouda Saketkhou, known for creating award winning, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces that reflect his unstoppable imagination and possesses exceptional quality meant to last for generations. 

Yael Designs

"I love my Yael yellow diamond ring. After all these years, I love it as much as the day it came into my life. It never ceases to dazzle and delight me. Elegant. Feminine. Regal. I beam brighter wearing it. And … the heartfelt compliments … it attracts attention! I’ve lost count of the oohs and ahhs from people who stop me to gaze at it -- strangers, friends, men, and women. Everyone adores the beauty, exquisite design and artistry, which is a fantastic feeling for me.

I will cherish it forever."



Yehounda grew up in Iran and France, and was deeply influenced by these cultures and their distinct traditions. Born into a family of jewelry makers, Yehounda began his road in the industry as a young boy apprentice at his uncle's  jewelry shop after his family moved to California.


Yehounda's younger sister Yael was the inspiration behind the founding of Yael Designs in 2001. Yael, who was born with a mental disability, encouraged her brother to  start his own jewelry design house by cutting out pictures of her favorite pieces of jewelry to give to Yehounda for inspiration.

Jewelry as Art

At the very heart of Yael Designs lies Yehounda's belief that jewelry should always strive to be art. As an avid art collector, Yehounda is drawn to artists with radical imaginative powers, like JAR, Salvidor Dali and Antoni Gaudi. Their influences can be seen in Yael's award- winning collections and unique custom pieces, which are carefully crafted from the finest quality gemstones and metals. 

Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers
Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers
Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers

Patrick Murphy's incorporation of rocks, gems and minerals into his jewelry, is an extension of his lifelong interest in the natural world. He combines clean lines and a minimum of embellishment to rare gems such as agatized fossils, script stone, tourmalinated quartz, rhyolite and Chinese writing stone. His hand crafted jewelry is truly unique and one of a kind.

Patrick Murphy

Local Artist

Patrick Murphy studied art, design, and gemology at the University of Minnesota, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the Gemological Institute of America, and the Revere Academy in San Francisco

Inspiration from Nature

"My inspiration comes from a lifelong interest in natural phenomena. I marry unusual minerals to metal in many forms and textures, highlighted by my trademark use of high-dome cabochon cuts. My studio continues to pioneer the use of unique cuts and new materials, always expanding our repertoire.  Each piece of jewelry we make is a work of art."

"I have found many wonderful items at Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers. Shopping there is always like visiting friends. Most recently I purchased a pendant that was perfect for me...a sailboat by Murphy Designs. I loved the pendant so much, that I had them custom make earrings to match. I couldn't be more delighted! AND I supported a local artisan, which is frosting on the cake!"


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