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Gem Tasting with Roger Dery

Love gemstones? Come party and "play" at this dinner party where gemstones are the main course! Hear award winning gem cutter Roger Dery's stories of travel in his search for the most beautiful gems while we serve food and drinks. With over 100 exquisite gemstones, this will be the most memorable shopping experience. Each gemstone will be available for purchase, and we'l work with you to create an amazing piece of jewelry.
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From exquisite gems cut by Roger Dery, to gorgeous custom pieces designed by Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers and you!

Want to attend the next gem tasting, or want to find out how to host your own event? Send us a message below!

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I believe in giving back at every level of the supply chain so we ensure that gems go full circle in leaving a positive impact on every person they touch. Gems are a precious treasure on our earth and the people who bring them to light are remarkable. By giving back at the source, we are staying true to the story of gems: to bring life and color. Learn how you can help bring change to East African mining communities, families, and schools. 

Gem Legacy

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