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Gem Tasting Event

On August 16th and 17th Laurie Kottke Fine Jewelers had an exclusive Gem Tasting Event. The event was clearly a great time for the select group of my colored gem loving clients that attended. While enjoying great food, beautiful gems and interesting conversation, friendships were formed. It was so fun seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of my clients helping their new friends select the perfect gem. At times there may have even been a bit of competition as to whom the gem would go home with!

If you have never been to a "Gem Tasting" I will explain how it works, so you know for our next one coming this spring! The evening started with a meet and greet between our clients and Roger and Ginger Dery. Roger is an award winning gem cutter from Michigan. He and his wife travel the world to seek out gem rough, that he then cuts and facets. During the tasting, they showed our clients actual rough and explained the faceting process. We all gathered at the table for dinner at which time he showed a clip of his movie "Sharing the Rough" which gave a clear visual of what it is like being a gem miner.

After dinner is when the real fun began. Roger and Ginger passed around 100 colored gems, one at a time. As the first client unfolded the neatly wrapped gem in it's own gem paper....the first gasp was heard. This was a repeating sound for the next hour and a half. The gems were passed around the table and each person had a chance to dib on the ones they loved. You may not be the only one dibbing on a particular gem. This was the fun part. Lots of laughing, discussing and eventually making decisions and new friends.

As people selected the gemsthey wanted to buy, Mimi and I stood close to discuss design ideas. Watch for my upcoming blog of the actual gems and the finished designs! When people purchased they were able to round up their purchase amount as a donation to the Devon Foundation. We raised $200. As always there is never lack of detail when it comes to LKFJ having an event. The best was the gemstone shaped chocolates that were so graciously given to the event from L'More Chocolates in Wayzata. Watch for these at the store during the holidays.

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