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The Spotlight: JCK Trade Show

Last week was one of the jewelry industry's most important trade shows, JCK and Luxury in Las Vegas. We look forward to attending each year to purchase new jewelry for the store and to find out the latest trends. The following pictures capture some of our favorite moments and jewelry we saw at the show. We were lucky to be able to spend time with two of our favorite designers, Yael Designs and Robert Procop. If any of the gorgeous pieces catch your eye, give me or Mimi a call at the store!

On the way to the show!

As we enter the trade show

At one of our favorite vendors, Yael Designs

Yael Designs' emerald and diamond earrings

Yael Designs' opal and diamond pendant

Trying on the emerald and diamond earrings

Yael Designs' Sleeping Beauty turquoise and diamonds

Yael Designs' sapphire and diamond ring

Yael Designs' pink tourmaline and diamond ring

Mimi and Laurie taking a photo break at the Wynn Hotel

Mimi, Robert Procop, and Laurie at the Wynn Hotel

Robert Procop being honored for his beautiful designs

Mimi, Laurie and Judy getting ready to look at Robert Procop's collection

A taste of Robert Procop's collection

Breathtakingly beautiful Paraiba tourmaline in a Robert Procop designed ring

Natural pink sapphire and diamond bracelet

Matching ring

From the Masterpiece Collection- orange and pink sapphires, accented with diamonds

Ruby and pink sapphire and diamond bracelet from the Masterpiece Collection


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