I can help you create a                      piece of jewelry that fits your unique               , connecting

you to your jewelry in a very memorable way.

The Design Process

Bring in images to use as inspiration...

Or a sketch of what you're looking for!

Choose from beautiful new gems...

Or use gems from jewelry you're no longer wearing.

Together we will

create a gem layout.

Then we’ll translate your design into a 3D rendering.


A wax model will be made so you can get an idea of what your new piece will look and feel like.

When you’re happy with your final design, your one of a kind, custom piece of jewelry will be created!

Visit my design studio or let's work virtually.
Either way, it's creative and fun!

"Laurie was so helpful with creative ideas that also felt sentimental to me."

-Nicole K.

"So much fun selecting beautiful colored gemstones at Laurie’s gem tastings for my custom jewelry collection."


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